WP Speed Fix Service – Advanced

Our speed goal for this service is “as fast as possible

This service is designed for businesses who want their site as fast as possible.

We include our most advanced and aggressive optimizations here including our specialized edge caching technique that significantly reduces the TTFB worldwide. This service is suited to Woocommerce sites, Membership sites, Affiliate and Online Business sites.

Our Advanced Speed Fix Service goal is as fast as possible.

On good quality hosting most sites will load under 1 second which is the magical mark where page loads begin to feel instant. As part of this service we can optionally move you to a dedicated host at Cloudways (additional monthly costs for hosting apply).

With this service we also speed test up-to 100 pages on your site (not just the homepage).

We STRONGLY recommend the purchase of the paid $20/month version of Cloudflare along with their Argo performance routing feature especially if you’re targeting a worldwide audience. Argo starts at $5/month.

Once the checkout process is complete you’ll receive a logon to our order management system where you complete a short list of questions we need answered in order for us to start working on your site.

Once the answers are complete, our team will confirm we have all the logons and information we need to get started, will complete an initial site backup and then get started with your optimization!

Most optimizations will take somewhere between 3-10 business days to complete BUT in some cases where you have an extremely high number of images (large sites with 1000s of images may take 1-2 days alone to compress images) or where we need additional logons this may take a few days longer.

For questions before ordering email questions@wpspeedfix.com or try the livechat in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


$495 USD

Turnaround Time: Typically 3-10 business days once all required logons are provided. This may be longer depending on whether any additional information or back and forth with you is required.

Here are the key components included in this service:

  • Speed Testing On Upto 100 Pages
  • Browser Caching Configuration & Tuning
  • Page Caching Configuration & Tuning
  • CSS & Javascript (JS) Optimization, Tuning, Minification & Combining As Supported By Your Theme
  • Database Optimization, Cleanup & Scheduled Maintenance Implementation
  • 301 Redirect Optimization
  • Before and After Backups (using Blogvault)
  • .HTACCESS File Optimization
  • Plugin Review & Pruning As Required
  • Server Compression Tuning As Required
  • HTTPS Implementation for HTTP2 Protocol Support AND Better SEO (if you’re not already on HTTPS)
  • PHP7 Upgrade (if using PHP 5.6 or older)
  • 404 Error Analysis & Rectification (sitewide)
  • Cloudflare CDN Setup & Implementation for Lightning Fast Worldwide Load Times & Fast DNS Hosting (optional but strongly recommended)
  • HTTP2 Push Configuration (if supported by host and site)
  • DNS Record Optimization & Tuning For Speed
  • Google Tag Manager Setup & Implementation (optional but strongly recommended if you have Livechat)
  • Livechat Lazy Loading Configuration
  • Image & Video Lazy Loading Configuration (if appropriate for your theme)
  • Advanced Image Compression and Optimization With Support For .Webp Next Generation Image File Format
  • WordPress General Best Practices Review & Implementation
  • Advanced Optimization – Page Prefetching & Just In Time Preloading
  • Suitable for Woocommerce
  • Suitable for Membership Sites
  • Hosting Migration Included (if necessary, optional)
  • Optional – Changes Tested On Staging First (note, not possible for all changes)
  • Google PageSpeed Review Included (due to CSS & JS limitations not all sites can get an 80+ score)
  • Advanced Database & Object Caching Implementation *IF Your Hosting Supports Memcached Memory Caching
  • Advanced Edge Caching For Lightning Fast Worldwide Load Times & Load TTFB

There are some elements we don’t include in this service and it’s
not suitable for all types of sites:

  • Not Suitable for Enterprise or Mission Critical Sites (see our consult service)
  • Consult Call Not Included (see our Consult service instead)