WordPress Speed Optimization Consult & Implementation Service

With our Consult & Implementation Service we do an upfront audit, create a detailed action plan customized for your site and then implement it.

This service is for sites that want to be as fast as possible but need a structured implementation to ensure no downtime or problems during implementation.

With our consult and implementation service, we do an upfront audit and analysis on your site, create a detailed action plan, book in a call to discuss implementation in detail and then our team can implement the work or if you have an existing development team, work with them on implementation.

This service is best for busy high traffic sites and sites that are well monetized that can’t afford downtime. Changes can be implemented in a staging environment first.

How It Works

We run your entire site through our specialized testing tool that crawls all pages of the site looking for errors and anomalies and then produce a report on our findings and based our recommendations on that. We then schedule a time to discuss in more detail and lay out an action plan to move forward. Our team can do the work or we can work in conjunction with your existing team.

The speed testing for this service covers all pages of your website, not just the homepage. (NOTE than in some cases it’s not practical to crawl sites with several thousand pages so using a subset of pages will be likely what we do)

Typically we can provide our detailed recommendations within 2-5 business days of you placing your order. That said it often takes 7-14 days (sometimes longer for larger sites) for all changes to get implemented as some recommendations can have broad reaching impact that may need to be pushed through a thorough or more formal change management process by your dev team.

At a minimum you’ll need to be on good quality hosting to purchase this service, hosting that is appropriate for the size, scale and simultaneous visitors your site needs to handle. (If you need a high quality host we recommend a VPS from Cloudways)

Once the checkout process is complete you’ll receive an email with the next step instructions and information you need to provide in order for us to get started. You’ll also get a logon for One Second WordPress, our speed optimization process and blueprint.

For questions before ordering email questions@wpspeedfix.com or try the livechat in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


$995 USD