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  • NOTE - this is a site level report only and doesn't work for individual pages. You need to enter your exact homepage URL for this report to work.

How To Generate This Report:

Using the form above, enter your URL and then this the Generate Report button.

The system will then create you a Google Data Studio (Looker Studio) report with your website core web vitals data to date.

Click here to see a report example for our own WPSpeedFix website.

Core Web Vitals Test Explained:

Click play on the video below to see a walk through of this report:

NOTE, that you must use the exact URL of your site, i.e. with https:// and the correct www or no-www hostname. Your site also needs a base level of traffic to generate this report – typically you’ll need to have 100-200 visits a day otherwise there is not enough core web vitals data to generate the report.

If you enter the incorrect URL or don’t have enough traffic then the report will be blank.

The report will auto update on the second Tuesday of each new month with the previous months data. Click the tabs on the left of the report to see detailed history for each of the metrics.

This report is based on publicly available data and can be run for any website, even your competitors!

Report Example:

Above Is A Screenshot Example Of The Report – Click The Image To Load The Full Report For Our Own Website.

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