Technical & On-Page SEO Audit & Action Plan Service

✅ Uncover hidden problems
✅ Identify untapped & easy SEO opportunities
✅ Get a detailed, easy to understand, step-by-step action plan
✅ One-time service, no unpredictable ongoing cost
✅ Rank higher, FASTER

Uncover Hidden Problems, Identify Untapped & Poorly Leveraged Traffic Opportunities and Get a Detailed Action and Implementation Plan To Move You Forward Towards Your Commercial Goals

Most SEO audits suck. They simply spit back at you a bunch of random errors and problems without a clear list of priorities or actions that actually move the needle.

We’ve designed this service specifically to uncover hidden technical problems, identify untapped opportunities and give you a detailed action plan that will make implementation easy.

You walk away with a clear action plan and list of priorities that can be implemented by you and your team. Alternatively, we can do the implementation for you in a 3 month implementation sprint.

For Established and Existing Businesses

This service is designed for established and existing businesses, typically in the 0.5-20 million dollar revenue range, who are looking to review and refresh their existing SEO strategy.

Ecommerce, SAAS and local service businesses (doctor, dentist, plumber and similar) that are focused on a specific geographic areas and have 1000 pages or less will typically see the best results from this service.

NOTE: This is not suitable for brand new sites that do not yet have any traction or organic traffic.

How It Works

We run your entire site through our specialized testing tool that crawls all pages of the site looking for errors and anomalies. We also run the site through a set of best practices checks we’ve built over the last decade of working with clients in our SEO agency.

From there, we compare our findings in the context of your SEO and commercial goals and generate a custom strategy and action plan to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

Most SEO audits and just a brain vomit of problems with no clear plan to fixing them. Our SEO audits include a detailed step by step action plan, that is prioritized by both impact and effort to resolve based on 15+ years of agency SEO experience.

We’ve designed our audits so you have the option of implementing using your own team or having our team do the implementation

SEO Audit Report Examples

The audit and action plan is built to be a working document. We break the “why” and benefit behind each action item as well as the risk or potential risk of implementation. Items can be checked off as they’re worked through.

Click the images below to enlarge and view full screen.

The report is delivered in Google Sheet format with minimal branding. Many of our agency clients re-skin the report with their own branding for delivery to end clients.

You’ll see some of the action items are highlighted with “discuss first” as some of the recommendations carry significant weight that need more in-depth discussion.

What Do We Specifically Look At?

We look at several hundred different elements, here’s a high level view of each:

Content indexation analysis

One of the most basic rules or laws of SEO is that you can’t rank for something is you don’t have a page or it and even if you do, that content simply cannot rank if its not indexed!

Many sites, particularly sites with 50+ pages have pages that shouldn’t be indexed and pages that aren’t indexed at all.

As a starting point, we review content site wide and flag issues with indexation in Google and Bing and appropriate actions to rectify any problems.

Content traffic review

Similarly to problems with indexation, if your content is getting low or no impressions or clicks then its next to worthless.

We review your content in relation to search console data and Google Analytics and ensure all content is getting traffic, if not we flag it and include in our action plan.

Title tag review and analysis

SEO title tags are one of they key elements Google and search engines use to understand what a page of content is about.

Duplicate and poorly written title tags can be a big obstacle to ranking. We review your title tags in detail and provide re-writes where appropriate. We used a very specific formula for writing titles tags that is designed to boost CTR (click through rate). We’ve refined this formula over a decade of experience managing Google Ads on behalf of clients in our search agency.

Meta description review and analysis

Search engines are super competitive today. You’re not only competing with other organic results but with ads, maps listings, shopping listings, feature snippets and more!

Optimizing meta descriptions for CTR (click through rate) is a critical component in any SEO strategy. We review your meta descriptions sitewide and provide re-writes where meta descriptions are poor or under optimized.

H1 tag review and analysis

H1 or header tags have had increasing weight put on them by search engines so it’s critical your H1 tags are well written, not duplicated and actually exist! We review H1 tags sitewide and ensure no issues and provide appropriate action items where H1 tags have a problem.

Open Graph analysis

Open graph images and fields are usually what’s displayed when a site is shared on the socials, messenger apps and even in the Google SERP.

These fields are almost always completely ignored and are a huge opportunity to improve click through rate from a variety of sources. We review your open graph setup sitewide and provide recommendations on improvement. Want to see how your homepage looks like right when shared on the socials? Try

Site structure & URL analysis

Site structure is important for both Google and your users. If its not logical and intuitive then you won’t rank as well as you could do.

We review your URL and site structure in detail and provide advice and an action plan to improve where appropriate.

Analysis of 404’s and other errors

404 errors are bad for SEO, bad for site speed and bad for users. We do a deep analysis on your site to identify both internal and external 404 errors and provide an action plan on fixing them.

Server log analysis

Server logs tell us in detail what Google and website visitors are doing on the site. Logs can uncover a huge array of errors or problems crawlers and users are having, malicious behaviour and hackers, as well as opportunities to fix issues on the site that otherwise would be missed. We review your server logs in detail and provide action items as required.

Local SEO analysis

For businesses serving a specific geographic area, local SEO rankings are extremely important as most search results are localized in some way either to the country, city or even suburb. Our SEO audits include a local SEO analysis where appropriate and include a detail action items to resolve local SEO ranking issues including issues with Google, Bing and Apple Maps.

Google Shopping Analysis

While not strictly SEO, Google Shopping is not strictly in the realm of paid Google Ads either. We treat Google Shopping as “paid inclusion” and for ecommerce sites will review your Google Merchant center setup and feed to ensure you’re squeezing maximum performance from shopping results.

Google Shopping has both free and paid channels and if you’re an online store not taking advantage of the free channel, you’re missing out! While nowhere near as important, Bing also has a Bing Shopping product with both paid and free listings like Google.

SEO Plugin Configuration Review

There’s no doubt that SEO plugins are getting more complex. Most sites we see are missing out on easy SEO opportunities by unconfigured SEO plugins. We review your SEO plugin configuration in detail and provide action items where appropriate.

Keyword Content Review

No SEO audit would be useful without an in depth look at keywords, content and opportunities to rank higher for your existing keywords and rank for a broader range of keywords. We review your Google Search Console keyword data in conjunction with competitor keyword data a provide recommendations on how make content work harder for you.

While the focus of this audit is primarily onpage, technical SEO and looking and keyword and content opportunities, we do also review your backlink profile to determine if there’s any low hanging fruit and high powered backlinks you’re not currently taking advantage of. We also have some tried and tested, niche specific backlink strategies we can share with you.

Detailed Site Speed Analysis & Core Web Vitals Review

We include a detailed site speed analysis with all our SEO Audits along with detailed recommendations on improving site reliability, performance and an action plan on passing Google’s Core Web Vitals.

How To Get Started

For questions before ordering email or complete our audit request form below with details on what you’re looking to achieve.

If you’re ready to order now, CLICK HERE to start the checkout process. Once the checkout is complete you’ll get an onboarding form breaking down the bits and pieces we need to get started.

Typically the initial audit phase takes 5-10 business days and once complete, we provide the full audit and schedule in a call to discuss in detail.


$2450 USD

(one time)

An optional 3 month implementation sprint is available from $1500/month.

If you’re not sure whether this is for you, drop us an email at or complete our free audit form on our homepage and include some detail on your SEO goals