The Fastest WordPress Themes

A High Quality, Fast Loading Theme Is Important For A Speed Optimized Site

These Are the WordPress Themes We Use Ourselves, Trust & Recommend On A Daily Basis

The Best WordPress Themes for Speed & Fast Load Times

Theme NameWhy Recommended?Speed RatingWebsite Link
GeneratePressFastest WordPress Themes 1YesPretty much the fastest theme on the web right now, free option available too!Fastest (5/5)Visit Site.
AstraFastest WordPress Themes 2YesA runner up to Generatepress, some better looking child themes/prebuilt templates with a free option just like GP!Fastest (4.9/5)Visit Site
Neve by ThemeisleFastest WordPress Themes 3NoFast, also has fantastic AMP support built inFastest (4.7/5)Visit Site
OceanWPFastest WordPress Themes 4NoFast and mature themeFastest (4.7/5)Visit Site
GenesisFastest WordPress Themes 5NoOne of the OG themes, solid,reliable and fastFast (4.5/5)Visit Site
DiviFastest WordPress Themes 6NoOne of the most popular WP themes, can be made to load fast with some tweaking.Fast (4/5)Visit Site
AvadaFastest WordPress Themes 7NoA very popular theme that's a little older now but with some fiddling of the settings can load lightning fast.Fast (3.9/5)Visit Site
BridgeFastest WordPress Themes 8NoFast, solid, reliableFast (3.9/5)Visit Site
OptimizepressFastest WordPress Themes 9NoSuper powerful for sales pages with a newer much faster version just released.FastVisit Site
Beaver BuilderFastest WordPress Themes 10NoAnother flexible drag and drop functioning page builder, one that works on the front end of your WordPress website. Regardless whether you’re a beginner in the IT world or an experienced professional, Beaver Builder will provide you with enough control and flexibility, as well as easy to use features and options for those that want to build a unique site of their own.FastVisit Site
Hestia ProFastest WordPress Themes 11NoA stylish one-page theme perfect for any type of business. Enjoy the high-performance that comes with great user experience.FastVisit Site
Elementor Hello ThemeFastest WordPress Themes 12NoIf you’re using a page builder plugin, such as Elementor, and you also want the fastest possible basis for your site, then the Elementor Hello theme could just be the right option for you. A mega barebones theme that gives you the necessary functionality you’ll need in order to work with your page builder, although it doesn’t include some of the more detailed customization options you’d get with another theme (since you’re supposed to use Elementor to handle that).FastVisit Site

In short, these are the fastest themes for WordPress: 

GeneratePress Lightweight Theme - a very lightweight theme and one that’s specially built to make your site as fast as possible. One of the reasons why this theme is lightning fast is because it’s built so it doesn't need Jquery (you can build a site without necessarily relying on Jquery). It renders fast which is also great news for Google Pagespeed Insights. 


WP-Astra Theme - another super-fast theme with additional prebuilt child theme options that’ll suit almost any type of business.

Similarly to GeneratePress, this one also doesn’t necessarily eed the Jquery javascript library. However, Astra is generally heavier with features than GeneratePress, which is also the reason why it’s a bit slower (albeit still super-fast compared to other themes out there!).  

Neve by Themeisle - the Neve theme was also conceived with speed in mind, and it definitely deserves its place among the fastest WordPress themes out there. Like the others on our list so far, this one also doesn’t rely on Jquery and sports some special features that can significantly boost conversion rates for WooCommerce users. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the designers have made sure to include a bunch of beautiful pre-built templates.


OceanWP - another fast theme for your WordPress site which deserves its place among the top five here without a doubt. If you want to build a pretty-looking site that’ll work flawlessly, then this is the theme for you. 


Why is Speed so Important?

It should almost go without saying that having a fast site is critical in the ruthlessly competitive online environment. Who’s going to wait for more than a couple of seconds for a website to load nowadays? You guessed it, very few people indeed. 

Speed can impact a number of factors that’ll either make or break your site, such as rankings on Google, user experience, bounce rates, and of course, conversion rates. In short, the equation is simple - faster sites see more traffic and hence make more money.

What’s the Connection Between the Theme Speed and the Overall Site Speed?

The most important thing you need to remember is render speed. One part of this puzzle is the web-servers and pulling all the data from there as fast and seamlessly as possible, and the other part is the rendering speed of the site which is how quickly the web browser software can assemble and display the page after it's downloaded it from your web hosting.

This is quite simple and straightforward because the faster a WordPress theme is the faster it’ll render and download. Faster themes have less page weight (smaller download size), have less files (less stuff to download) and the code is cleaner so the parsing and rendering process is faster.

How Do You Recognize a Fast Theme?

Fast themes come in small sizes - their CSS is lighter and cleaner, have less JavaScript, so the browser can display the page with less CPU processing power and they’re also lighter in code overall again requiring less processing power on the device to render.

What is Jquery & How Does it Affect Speed?

Jquery is a JavaScript library, and the themes that use Jquery are usually slower to render. Jquery was introduced to save time when it comes to coding the more visually demanding and more complex elements of a particular theme.  

If you’re looking for a fast theme, and you want to build a site from the ground up, we’d recommend using a theme that’s not relying on Jquery.

Testing Speed

Be mindful when you're reading stuff about fast themes online. You'll see a lot of articles that have tested the theme demo and are using that as the benchmark for speed.

That's a poor way to test for speed and most of those articles are put together by content writers who know nothing about the technical aspects of site speed nor how to interpret a speed test result.

Here are the most important things you should look for in a theme: 

  • The amount of JavaScript the theme has - this is quite proportional to the theme features, so if the theme contains a lot of features, then it will also require a lot more JavaScript. 
  • The reliance on Jquery - as we mentioned above, a theme is heavier if it relies on Jquery, so ideally you want a Jquery-free theme.
  • Look for themes where you can turn features like Vimeo, YouTube, and Google Maps integration off. They rely on JavaScript libraries and they slow the theme down. If your theme gives you the option to turn them off, it means that you can make it faster and lighter. 
  • Pay attention to the CSS - themes with a lighter CSS are themes that have been specifically built to be fast. Usually the sales page with refer to lightweight CSS. 
  • The presence of out of the box templates and child themes can be pretty useful if you’re not building a site from the bottom up. 
  • WooCommercer optimized themes - some themes are going to work and look better with WooCommerce than others so be mindful of that. Fast speed is important but it's not the only important thing when it comes to conversion rate and selling online.

If you have an existing site and thinking about changing the theme, try our free speed test tool to see if there's other areas you can optimize first - changing a theme is often quite a big project!


Fastest WordPress Themes 13


This might just be the fastest WordPress theme on the internet right now! Tom Usborne, the theme’s developer, has created a real gem here, a theme so lightweight designed to be super-fast and user-friendly. 

With the WordPress Customizer options at your disposal, this versatile theme will allow you to adapt it to whatever kind of niche you want for your business.

The premium version gives you a vast choice of pre-built demo sites, super-easy to import into your site. 

For one of the fastest themes out there, you’ll have to pay $49.95 annually which is a real value for your money deal. GeneratePress also features a free version which allows you to get a glimpse into how it operates and see what all the fuss is about! 

Fastest WordPress Themes 14

Key Features:


  • Theme size is under 30kb;
  • No dependencies, including jQuery;
  • A wide choice of pre-built demo sites;
  • WooCommerce integration;
  • Plenty of customization options;
  • Extensive documentation;
  • Great customer support.


  • It’s hard to find weak sides with this theme but if we have to nitpick we’d say that it doesn’t have as many third-party integrations as some of the other themes on this list. The in-built templates are also not as pretty as some of the other slightly heavier themes.
Fastest WordPress Themes 15
Fastest WordPress Themes 16

Fastest WordPress Themes 17

Astra is another great, lightweight theme, similar to GeneratePress. Its lightweightedness is owed, in large part, to doing away with jQuery. This theme includes a variety of free demo websites built with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg (the WordPress block editor), and Brizy. 

Astra also gives you at your disposal plenty of beautiful child themes and out of the box templates (more than GeneratePress in fact!) 

If you’re more prone to dabbling with the theme on your own, then you can definitely use the customization options in the real-time Customizer and get as creative as you want! 

This theme offers a free and paid version. The paid version starts at $59 paid annually, and then continues over to $169, and $249. You can also do a lifetime purchase starting at $249, then $499, and $699. 

Fastest WordPress Themes 18

Key Features:


  • Theme size is about 50kb;
  • Doesn’t rely on jQuery;
  • You can use a demo site built with powerful page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder, among others;
  • Real-time Customizer for easy and creative custom designs.


  • Similarly to GeneratePress, it’s also pretty hard to find flaws with the Astra theme. Perhaps one thing that we’d mention is that the customization options can seem a bit confusing at times, but this might just be because there are simply too many of them!
Fastest WordPress Themes 19
Fastest WordPress Themes 20

Fastest WordPress Themes 21

Neve is a general-purpose plugin that’s a great option for any kind of site. 

If, however, you specifically want a theme that’s WooCommerce friendly, then Neve is also up to the task. It contains a WooCommerce Booster module which helps you upgrade your online store with all kinds of new features that will seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce.

The team behind the Neve theme gives you three pricing plans to choose from. The cheapest one starts from $49, paid annually, and continues with $79, to $129. The prices for a lifetime purchase start at $149, and then continue over to $299 and $449. You can also download this theme for free and see how it works.

Fastest WordPress Themes 22

Key Features:


  • Super-easy to download and setup - doesn’t require any signup or optin!
  • WooCommerce Booster module is included - seamless integration, adds specific conversion optimization features for eCommerce sites;
  • Great value for money - the agency paid plans include unlimited site support and whitelabel option;
  • A theme that’s built to be fast - not dependent on jQuery;
  • AMP support;
  • Vast number of templates;
  • Examples of real-life, successful sites using the Neve theme.


  • One of the rare cons of this theme is that the Themeisle plugin isn’t included in the paid packages.
Fastest WordPress Themes 23
Fastest WordPress Themes 24

Fastest WordPress Themes 25

In the same rank with GeneratePress and Astra, OceanWP is another fast theme on our list that won’t disappoint. Super fast and lightweight (although not as much as the aforementioned ones), it fits whatever kind of niche your eCommerce venture is in. It’ll provide you with pre-built demo sites so you don’t have to build a new site from top to bottom.

Fastest WordPress Themes 26

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive theme;
  • Fully customizable theme;
  • Advanced mega menu;
  • eCommerce Ready so you can easily build an eCommerce site with WooCommerce;
  • Translation and RTL ready;
  • Free templates;
  • Fast and efficient customer support;
  • Built-in SEO base.


  • As we said, this theme is not as lightweight as GeneratePress and Astra. Also, the options panel could’ve been organized a tad better.
Fastest WordPress Themes 27
Fastest WordPress Themes 28

Fastest WordPress Themes 29

Genesis is a superb choice for bloggers - offers great templates, weighs less than 30kb, is SEO optimized, and also sports a mobile-responsive design. A fun fact about this theme is that it’s actually one of the oldest such themes on the theme market. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the fastest ones as well. 

The Genesis Framework Package costs $59.95 and it includes instant access as well as a one-time purchase fee. The Pro Plus Membership costs $499.95 and with it you get the entire theme collection. This is a great option for the developers and designers out there.

Fastest WordPress Themes 30

Key Features:

  • Gutenberg ready;
  • One-click demo import;
  • Theme size is less than 30kb;
  • SEO friendly;
  • Mobile-responsive design;
  • Custom page templates;
  • Theme customizer with real-time preview;
  • A lifetime payment with all subsequent upgrades for free.


  • Users report that some individual child themes are somewhat expensive.
Fastest WordPress Themes 31
Fastest WordPress Themes 32

Honorable Mentions

In the section that follows, we included other popular themes which are not among the top fastest ones, but are still pretty fast and definitely worth mentioning and considering.

These themes provide for a flexible styling and more child themes, precisely because they don’t have to conform so much to the lightweight code of the other themes we mentioned above.

Fastest WordPress Themes 33

If you’ve searched the online theme market so far, then you must’ve stumbled upon Divi. This is a very, very popular WordPress theme, with more than 600 000 users worldwide! 

The Divi theme is a multipurpose one, so you can use it for whatever kind of business or other type of site you have. Whether it’s a blog, an eCommerce store, a portfolio, another type of business site, you’re gonna be covered, there’s no doubt about that.