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The Core Web Vitals Blueprint gives you everything you need to please the Google gods, rank higher and have a lightning fast site!

Core Web Vitals Optimization For Better SEO

Typically people looking to learn about site speed and who want site speed optimization training fall into two buckets, marketers and SEO-ers who want to pass the core web vitals test and then developers who want to dig deep and learn site speed optimization at a detailed level.

Here’s the two different options depending on what you’re looking to achieve:

Core Web Vitals Blueprint & Training

If You’Re Looking To Pass Google’S Core Web Vitals, This Is The Course For You

If your goal is to pass the Core Web Vitals test then this is the course for you. It’s built for marketers and SEO professionals and will give you the tools you need in order to optimize for the core web vitals test.

99% of people looking for site speed training are looking to solve this problem so this is the course that’s probably the most relevant for you.

This blueprint was specifically made for people who have no background in web development. It does not require you to edit any kind of code to achieve the best results possible.

Follow the over-the-shoulder videos provided in the blueprint, and you’ll be able to perfectly understand how Core Web Vitals work and execute the optimization on any WordPress site.

There’s huge gaps in most speed testing tools and they won’t show you the full picture when it comes to site speed. The majority of blog articles on speed optimization you’ll find around the web are written by affiliates and content marketers who barely even know how to use WordPress which isn’t good when site speed is now a critical factor in ranking high in Google.

Here’s specifically what you’ll get and achieve with this course:

  • Understand Core Web Vitals even if you are not a developer.
  • Step-by-step video lessons showing you HOW each factor works.
  • Expansive lesson notes with screenshots & diagrams.
  • 30 day money back guarantee if its not for you

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Site Speed Optimization Training for Developers

If you’re a developer looking to dig deeper on site speed optimization we recommend the Advanced Site Speed by our friends over at

This is a detailed and very technical training for developers and technical professionals.

Some of the specific things you’ll learn in this training are:

  1. Server architecture
    • Welcome to advanced speed optimization.
    • Ideal server hardware & datacenter.
    • Speed impact between CPU vs MEM vs HD.
    • Where to buy servers. (pricing vs convenience)
    • Unmanaged vs Managed hosting. (PROS & CONS)
    • Clustering & elastic architecture.
    • Choosing control panel – for your management workflow.
  2.  Server-tuning
    • Choosing server stack – based on management style.
    • Apache vs LiteSpeed vs Nginx – origin and differences.
    • VPS vs Bare metal – benefits and implications.
    • Server tweaking – connection timeouts, input limits, concurrent connections, memory limits.
    • Module pruning (Apache & WHM/cPanel) – disabling unnecessary modules.
    • MySQL tuning – things to play with.
    • Scaling large sites – bare metal vs elastic vs clustering.
    • Recovering from CPU/traffic overload – nightmare scenarios.
    • High tenant vs low tenant management.
  3. Coding & refactoring themes
    • Should you refactor an existing theme?
    • Tips when coding themes from scratch.
    • Theme frameworks vs Starter themes.
    • How to hire a web developer.
    • Manual-combine for plugin CSS.
    • Responsive design guidelines. (WIP)
  4. Custom plugin development
    • Forking plugins – customizing plugins to your needs.
    • Developing your own plugins – technical & financial advice.
    • Rest API vs admin-ajax – web app performance
  5. Large media hosting
    • Hosting strategy for many images – storage and complexity.
    • Hosting strategy for large files – storage, CDN, and protection.
  6. Advanced caching strategies
    • Speeding up WP Dashboard (admin area).
    • Speeding up dynamic pages.
    • Object-caching tactics with Redis/Memcache.
    • Private caching (backend & logged-in users).
    • LiteSpeed ESI (“hole-punching”) and Nginx Micro-caching.
    • Diagnosing admin-ajax slowdowns.
  7. CDN & edge-caching
    • Push vs Pull CDN.
    • Integrating large files with CDN.
    • Cloudflare apps.
    • Page-caching at the edge.
  8. Aggressive font optimization
    • Locally-loading webfonts.
    • Font subsetting – removing unnecessary glyphs.
    • Removing or optimizing icon fonts (e.g. FontAwesome).
  9. Server security & Hack recovery
    • How to detect attacks (inbound & outbound DDOS).
    • Fastest ways to mitigate hacks.
    • Steps to repair after code injection hack.

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NOTE:Our original “One Second WordPress” WordPress Site Speed Optimization Training Course was created in 2017. Today with Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics and a much more competitive landscape it’s somewhat dated so we’ve decided to discontinue it.