Core Web Vitals Tracker Plugin

Our Core Web Vitals Tracker plugin is currently in beta . It’s purpose is to push core web vitals speed data from real user visits into Google Analytics so that individual page and site performance can be easily measured without relying on Google.

Google’s core web vitals data runs on a 28 day cycle so depending on where you’re looking, the data will take at least 28 days to show the full picture and even more if you’re using a report like the CRUX dashboard.

With our Core Web Vitals Tracker we can shortcut that process and get high quality CWV speed data in just a few days on a high traffic site.

The plugin is not currently available on the WordPress repo – download it from this link:


The plugin uses Universal Google Analytics as it’s database so that will need to be in place first. Right now the plugin does not work with Google Analytics 4

You’ll need to choose the type of analytics code you’re using, gtag.js or analytics.js
It doesn’t matter if you’re wrong, you’ll just have no data in analytics


Reports can be generated using our reporter tool at – again this tool is still in beta so has bugs.