WordPress Website Support, Fixes & Tweaks

Our Quick Fix Service is great for adhoc website support, fixes or tweaking.

A quick fix is a small, single or multiple, well defined task that a developer can do in under 1 hour.

WordPress Website Support Provided By Experienced WordPress Developers

With our WordPress quick-fix support service we provide website and online IT services on an adhoc basis – its like having an IT guy for your website. You have the flexibility of purchasing just a single quick fix for smaller jobs and tweaks or buying a block of quick fixes at a discount for bigger jobs. Credits are valid for 24 months and can be used across multiple jobs and websites.

To order, hit the Buy button and follow the checkout process. Once your order is processed you’ll then have a request form where you can submit tasks.

What can you help me with?

We listed some of the examples of website support we can help you with below. Turnaround time on simple tasks 1 business day depending on how much input we need for you although we can provide services on priority if required. Migrations and tasks that need planning or input from you will need more time.

Some work will require more than one credit. We can also have work performed by a senior developer/consultant (10+ years experience) where the work has some risk or is on a mission critical site. Changes can also be test in a staging site.

Example tasks:

  • DNS changes
  • Setting up DKIM and SPF records or configuring complex DNS records
  • Cloudflare setup, migration and configuration (we offer both small business migrations and larger migrations performed by a senior developer)
  • Cloudflare APO setup service (just the APO service itself)
  • Wordpress installation – we can install the Wordpress core, plugins or themes
  • Migrating your website or blog to a new web hosting provider (this may require more than one quick fix depending on the size of your site)
  • SEO plugin installation and configuration by an SEO specialist (typically 3 quick fix credits)
  • Google Search Console setup
  • Website tweaks and changes
  • Wordpress plugin updates and Wordpress upgrades
  • Abandoned cart email setup for Woocommerce
  • Google Shopping Feed and Merchant Center setup for Woocommerce
  • Website tweaks and changes
  • Email hosting setup
  • Wordpress security plugin configuration
  • Contact form setup and configuration
  • Fixing hacked WordPress

Can you tell me how long something is going to take and how many credits I need?

Yes, in most cases we can provide a fairly accurate idea of how long a particular task will take. Depending on the task, turnaround time can be as little a 1 business day. If you’re unsure send us an enquiry using the form below and one of the team will get back to you within 1 business day.

How to Get Started

If you know what you need right now, hit the order button on this page, complete the checkout and then complete the request form in our job system. One of the team will then review your task and get to work!

Typically we’ll need a WordPress admin level logon and either FTP or hosting access logons.

Have a Question? Send Us an Enquiry

If you’re not sure whether this is a good fit for you complete the form below or email questions@wpspeedfix.com


$249 USD

For a quick fix which is typically 60-90 minutes of work

3 fixes @ $549
mini project @ $995

Turnaround Time: Typically 1-2 business days once all required logons are provided depending on how much input is required from you.

This may be longer depending on whether any additional information or back and forth with you is required. Hosting migrations will also extend the turnaround on jobs.