How To Write A Meta Description For Better CTR (aka hidden SEO)

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Meta description CTR optimization is a technique that belong with a group of tactics we call “hidden seo” – simple fundamentals, commonly overlooked that can potentially make a huge difference to traffic.

These hidden SEO issues almost always show up on our technical SEO audits and site speed reviews even when there’s an SEO agency looking after the site. They’re also usually quite easy to fix and fairly low effort compared to something like chasing high quality backlinks….almost like free money!

In the video we share some of the CTR optimization techniques we’ve refined in our SEO agency after 15+ years of doing SEO for clients. 

There’s a common misconception in SEO that Rankings=Traffic, but that’s wrong. Rankings AND Click Through=Traffic

The video breaks down in detail how to generate more traffic from your existing Google Rankings by improving CTR. This is effectively FREE Traffic

It goes for about 8 minutes and is super easy to follow.

There’s a few tools we use to do this now that didn’t exist when the training was made: -> if I had a make a tool to go with the video this would be it. A simple tool to help grade the quality of your title tags and meta description -> an AI writer tool that is great for generating base content ideas for meta descriptions

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