Are there any sites you can’t fix?

Yes, occasionally we get a site that we can’t fix. Usually the site has one of the issues listed below. In many cases we can work with you to resolve the issue. Most often the issue is related to the hosting the site is sitting on and in that case we can advise what needs to be done to resolve the problem and can migrate the site for you.

If we hit a major roadblock after you order that means we can’t speed up your site we’re happy give you a refund on your service.

It’s running on a Windows server.

While WordPress can run on Windows it’s designed to run on a Linux or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) system which means you’ll never get a Windows server to perform as well as a LAMP setup. If site speed matters to you the site should not be running on a Windows server.

It’s running on a complex WordPress Multisite setup

WordPress Multisite isn’t the best for performance, especially if you’re running a Multisite setup with a huge number of plugins or large number of sites. Multisite is often more convenient but the tradeoff is flexibility and sometimes performance.

The site is running on a VPS and the VPS has issues

Fixing VPS and server issues is outside the scope of what we do. The speed of your WordPress site is limited by how well the server is configured and most cheap VPS setups are poorly configured. Unless you have a specific reason to use a VPS, a managed WordPress host is often a better option because the server has been configured and tuned specifically for WordPress.

The hosting plan is poor quality

Your site is not going to perform if you’re on bargain basement hosting. There’s no way around this, cheap hosting is poor quality, ultimately you get what you pay for. As part of our service we can migrate you to a better quality host.

You have too much traffic for your hosting plan 

Your hosting plan needs to be matched well to the level of traffic your site is getting. If you’re getting 5000 visits a day you’re going to need to be on a higher grade hosting plan that a site that gets 50 visits a day. Using tools like Cloudflare will dramatically improve performance for high traffic sites but at the end of the day your site speed is limited by the performance cap on your hosting. In cases like this quite often the solution is to move up to the next level hosting plan.

The IT department wants to host the site internally

IT departments are generally not commercially motivated and aren’t focussed on what’s best for business – after all, if things run smoothly they have nothing to do, if they have nothing to do then they don’t have a job. Often an internal IT department will want to host the site internally rather than using a dedicated WordPress host that can do a far better job. If your site is hosted on internal IT infrastructure then we might be limited in how we can help.

Your site has custom dev work done or is running an obscure or poor quality plugin

Occasionally we come across a site that has had custom development work done that is very poor quality or is running a WordPress plugin that conflicts with other plugins or is simply just rubbish. Most often in these cases the plugin or development work is trying to do something WordPress was not designed to do and it’s breaking the site or causing performance issues.

Our WP Speed Fix service comes with a guarantee, if we can get your site speed fixed we’ll give you your money back.

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