The FASTEST Shopify Themes

Speed Is Really Important for Ecommerce Conversion Rate

In This Post We Share The FASTEST Shopify Themes & Why We
Recommend Them

The Best Shopify Themes for Conversion, Speed & Fast Load Times

Theme NameWhy Recommended?
TurboThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 1The Turbo Theme from Out Of The Sandbox is generally accepted as the fastest Shopify theme all round. It was designed from the ground up to be lightning fast.View Demo >>
FlexThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 2A game-changer, as they call it, the Flex theme was released at the end of 2019 from the Out Of The Sandbox team and is in some ways a followup or sequel to Turbo Theme.View Demo
ShoptimizedThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 3Shoptimized is another one of those themes built with a focus on conversion rate optimization and as part of that mission speed optimization is built into the theme.View Demo
BoosterthemeThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 4Boostertheme isn’t as mature as some of the Out of the Sandbox themes but it’s still lightning fast.View Demo
ShellaThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 5Shella is a multipurpose Shopify theme that’s super-fast and highly responsive, sporting some premium features for a really solid price.View Demo
PlakthemeThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 6Plak make some pretty bold claims on their homepage about being the #1 fastest theme but that’s probably debatable as site speed is more than just the theme itself.View Demo
FastorThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 7Well, we just had to include Shopify’s best seller for 2019! Yes, Fastor is the one. It’s a great, cutting edge Shopify theme that’s super fast and offers plenty of features that’ll make your head spin!View Demo
DebutifyThe Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 8Debutify is a Shopify theme optimized for all niches and designed to boost the conversions and overall performance of your website or online store. It’s, in fact, considered the highest converting Shopify theme that you can get for free and that’s also suitable for all types of products and industries.View Demo

Why are Some Themes Fast, and Some Slow?

Faster themes have a handful of characteristics that give them an advantage over slower ones: 

  • They contain less code, which means they get processed faster on the server. 
  • Their file size is smaller, which makes them easier to download. 
  • They don’t rely on jQuery JavaScript library.
  • They have cleaner CSS and inline CSS so the site can render faster.

All of these characteristics enable the server to download and render the site faster from the server, also taking the load off the browser so it can assemble the page easily and in less time. 

Slower themes usually need to download more JavaScript and frequently use off-shelf libraries and APIs, not necessarily optimized for speed such as Google Maps APIs and Google Fonts. 


When setting up your Shopify store, one of the first decisions you need to make is choosing your theme. Of course, the theme of your choice should be customizable, have a beautiful and responsive design, and simple navigation, among other things, but one feature that’s often overlooked is theme speed

Did you know that a site’s bounce rate worsens with each second the page takes to load? 

The average bounce rate of pages that take 2 seconds to load is 9%, whereas the average bounce rate of pages that take 5 seconds to load is 38%. Let’s give you some more eye-opening statistics related to page speed. 79% of online consumers won’t return to a slow-loading site, 46% of mobile users say that slow load time is what they dislike the most when browsing the web, and even a 100-millisecond delay in load time lowers conversion rates by 7%! 

Given that page-speed is a crucial part of user experience and an important ranking factor, you need a fast and reliable theme for your online store. This is why we chose and reviewed the 8 fastest Shopify themes that can give you a better spot in search results but also bring you more conversions and revenue.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Shopify Theme?

Before we go over the themes one by one, let’s see the key features that the best and fastest Shopify themes should include.

Website Speed

As we already mentioned, site speed influences your Google rankings, and with that, your visibility, conversation rates, and user experience. The faster your site is, the better ranking it will have and the more customers it will bring.

This is why in this article we included only the fastest Shopify themes available in 2020, while also paying attention to design and flexibility.

Design and Flexibility

Speed is not the only precondition for a successful online store, as the store’s design is another important factor. That is why in our quest for the fastest Shopify themes, we were looking for those with appealing designs that online consumers will appreciate. And not only that, but we also ensured that the themes are flexible and customizable so you can show your creativity and create the online store just as you’ve envisioned it.

What Makes a Theme Fast?

Well, a fast theme is a small theme. A fast theme has a clean CSS and fewer CSS files that are easily downloadable when the page loads. There is also less pressure from the javascript of the browser which makes the page display much faster.

A fast theme essentially has a fast rendering speed. Shopify, as one of the fastest e-commerce platforms, also offers hosting services with good infrastructure that contributes to the speed of your online store. That is why the fastest Shopify themes are quick to download and render very fast.

Turbo's landing page

We can’t mention Flex without mentioning Turbo, its more affordable counterpart. Turbo is another super popular theme choice created by the award-winning team of developers called Out of the Sandbox.

Why is it so popular, you might ask? Well, the name of the theme says it all! Turbo offers amazing speed and performance power for your Shopify online store. As feature-packed as it is, this theme is perfect for online stores of all sizes. If you have a shop with a huge inventory, you will feel the benefits of the super-fast loading speed and caching functionality that will dramatically improve your user experience.

Sport and Ludicrous Speed Modes

How about a Shopify theme that comes in two-speed modes? Well, Turbo is built and optimized for speed, but when it comes to the performance setting, it enables you to choose between two options: Sport and Ludicrous.

In Ludicrous mode, the page preloading uses advanced methods to attempt to predict the next page the user visits and starts loading that page in the background. However, certain third-party apps might crash with this mode, which is why you can also choose Sport. This mode offers all the performance capabilities of the Turbo Shopify theme, without the preloading page technology but with seamless integration with third-party apps.


Turbo comes in six urban and beautiful designs named by some extraordinary cities like Portland, Florence, Dubai, Seoul, Tennessee, and Chicago. These designs are packed with useful features that can be operated with intuition and simplicity, leaving you to showcase your creative and selling capabilities.

  • Product sliders
  • Mega menus
  • Interactive mini cart
  • Infinite scrolling,
  • Customizable page templates
  • Predictive (live) search
  • Custom contact form
  • Quick shop options
  • Support for Shopify’s new Product Media


How can you not enjoy something that’s created by the award-winning team at Out of the Sandbox? When it comes to fast and reliable Shopify themes for your online shop, this team knows their craft. Turbo loads pages very fast and is the perfect theme for a shop that has a lot of products to sell. It comes in two speeds, its functionalities are excellent, and the features are top of the class. We say YEY to Turbo! Go ahead, try it and see for yourself!


The Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 9

The Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 10

Flex is a game-changing theme for Shopify that’s beautifully designed and gives you ultimate control with its many features. You can configure it in several ways given that Flex has multiple layouts, excellent control of settings, and easy addition of custom CSS, which enables you to configure this theme in several ways. How about that for theme flexibility! No wonder that this fast Shopify theme is called Flex!

Flex helps digital agencies and developers showcase their creativity and realize their ability to create something that their clients will appreciate. It also helps those with no coding experience to create the online store of their dreams. Flex is suitable even for merchants with small businesses who want to display their products online and continue to grow their brand.

Flex offers 13 template styles suitable for every industry. You can showcase the beauty of your products no matter the industry you’re in - fashion, food, cosmetics, technology, oils, plants, etc.



Flex is packed with features that give you more control over your online store.

  • Multiple Layout Options.

You can customize this theme to your heart’s content and let your creativity shine.

  • Advanced CSS.

With Flex, you will be able to add CSS to sections directly within the theme editor. You can also apply styles to elements within a section without even having to go on another page.

  • Icons + Elements.

How about adding visuals throughout your website with the beautifully designed varieties of icons? You can add these icons to different elements including the announcement bar, featured promotions, texts, and columns.

Flex offers additional features for extra flexibility and control. Here are just some of them.

  • Four header and footer styles
  • Three product page layouts
  • Mega Menus and dropdowns
  • Control over margins
  • Width settings
  • Background gradients
  • Button styles
  • Testimonials
  • Text columns
  • Sticky bottom bar


If what you’re looking for in a Shopify theme is flexibility and design options in addition to speed, Flex is the theme for you. As you can see, it’s packed with multiple features that offer great functionality and it’s made by Turbo’s creative developer team who takes into account their users’ suggestions. On top of everything, this top-notch e-commerce theme offers excellent 24/7 customer support, which is why we highly recommend it!


The Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 11

Shoptimized's landing page

How about a theme that focuses on optimizing conversion rates and engagement?

Shoptimized embraces the well-known marketing principles of influence and persuasion by allowing you to provide social proof for your products by showcasing your best customer reviews and positive customer experiences.

You can also create urgency by showcasing scarcity of the stock and including a countdown timer for your discounts. Moreover, you can showcase your achievements like awards, certificates, number of Facebook followers, likes, and more.

The Shoptimized theme uses the best practices for optimizing conversion rates. This theme has extraordinary checkout, homepage, search, and product lists, and is optimized for mobile devices, making it user-friendly and extremely functional. Anybody, no matter the industry they’re a part of or the size of their company can switch to Shoptimized and enjoy the benefits this theme offers.


Most of the features that Shoptimized offers are intended to boost your conversation rates.

  • Create urgency with countdown timer
  • Display scarcity of remaining stock
  • GEO-IP recognition, recognize which country the customer is visiting from
  • Currency switcher
  • Get-it-By timer, providing estimation delivery to customers
  • Email Pop-Up
  • Marketing integration with third-party apps
  • Risk-reversal
  • Value proposition
  • Video embedding
  • Personalized products
  • Conversion-optimized header area
  • Cross-sell pop-up


If you have an online store and you want to boost your conversation rates, this fairly priced theme is the right option for you. Shoptimized uses advanced marketing techniques, so it’s great if you want an increase in your conversion engagement and some extra help with your marketing.


The Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 12

Fastest Shopify Theme Booster's landing page

Booster is yet another lightning-fast and conversion-boosting theme. Even though it’s newer and not as popular as the previous three, it has a lot to offer. Booster has a clean design and user-friendly tools that will help you not only increase sales and boost the speed of your store, but also save money on purchasing apps or investing in more expensive Spotify themes.

This theme is translated into 10 languages, so if you want to sell in Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, etc, they got you covered. The excellent 24/7 customer support is another one of Booster’s perks.

This theme is easy to set up, you don’t need any coding experience, and you can install it in a matter of minutes. When you purchase a license for Booster, you will get all the necessary updates and support for a year. After that year expires, you can keep on using Booster forever, however, you will not have the privilege to get the newest updates and enjoy their functionality unless you extend your license.


  • Social proof sales
  • Upsell and cross-sell functions
  • Once you buy a license the theme is yours
  • Megamenu functionality
  • GEO IP currency converter
  • Available in 10 languages
  • Conversion-optimized card and checkout
  • Related products function for CRO
  • Pop-ups


This theme has excellent functionalities and saves you money on purchasing third-party ecommerce CRO apps. You can find several available demo sites on their homepage that will allow you to feel the opportunities that Booster provides.

Being fast is not their only attribute. Booster offers conversion optimization functionalities that are crucial for every online store, which makes it a winner in our eyes.


The Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 13

Shella's landing page

How about a multipurpose Shopify theme that’s fast, fresh, dynamically developed, and has a solid price? We introduce Shella!

Even though this is another theme that’s suitable for various industries, because of its elegant and minimal design, it’s usually more popular in the fashion industry, which is why it’s used by online stores that sell shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and clothes. Shella is a flexible theme that offers 11 skins and 5 styles for your product page. It’s translated into 6 languages and has a variety of features that’ll help you optimize your site and increase your sales.


Shella offers more features than your average ecommerce theme. All these features are essential for boosting your sales and improving your customer experience.

  • Mega menu builder
  • Builder section for homepage
  • True filter
  • Dynamic checkout buttons
  • Headers and footers
  • Infinite scroll on collection page
  • AJAX shop, AJAX search
  • Size guide pop-up and page
  • Popups for newsletters, coupons, promo, cookies policy, and purchase notification
  • Option for subscription
  • Custom product tabs
  • Quick view and wishlist
  • Revolutionary slides
  • SEO-optimized
  • Mobile-optimized

Layouts and Product Display

The extraordinary features for layouts and product display are where this theme goes the extra mile. Shella gives you the option for full-screen sliders and video players where you can showcase your products. The varieties of templates that Shella offers will enable you to display and customize the individual product pages but also the product category pages.

RTL Support

When it comes to language support, Shella supports Arabic, Hebrew Persian, and Urdu, enabling you to sell worldwide.


Shella is a great Shopify theme that will leave your customers satisfied and coming back for more. Maybe it’s not the fastest theme on the list, but what Shella lacks in speed, it makes up for in extra features, functionality, and optimization. Using Shella will not just increase your customer satisfaction, but it will also improve your search engine optimization, which is a big plus for us.


The Fastest Shopify Theme in 2020 14

PLAK's landing page

Another feature-packed theme that’s considered one of the fastest Shopify themes with excellent functionality is PLAK.

This Shopify theme offers three premium functionalities that make it stand out among their competitors - SEO-friendliness, site speed, and sales booster. PLAK claims that with their 3-in-1 package, you don’t have to spend extra on advertising since the theme is optimized to bring you organic traffic.

Like most of the premium Shopify themes, PLAK is optimized for mobile devices. The navigation and transition from one page to another are flawless and leave a great impression on the people visiting your website via smartphone or a tablet. The team that developed PLAK is aware that site speed is the new competitive battleground, so they have created a theme that loads pages super-fast, leading to improved user experience.


Plak offers several exclusive features that will make your online store better than ever.

  • Blurry coupon code
  • Dynamic free shipping bar
  • Product upsell
  • Availability in four languages
  • Free lifetime support and updates
  • 2 slideshows (2 sections, 3 sections)
  • Product labels with animation
  • Related products on product page